Thursday, May 31, 2007

Reflections on a Few Photos

Recently, I received some photos of our children attending the local activities celebrating International Children’s Day, a national holiday in Cambodia. A number of things struck me as I viewed the photos. First is how sweet and precious each face looks. I know most of these girls personally and marvel at what good kids they are. Second is how young each of these girls are. Forty of the Rapha kids are under age 18 with the youngest at our shelter being just four years old. And when I think of what these children have gone through it sickens me. But here they are in those photos celebrating children’s rights. Most of these kids lived for a time without knowing that they had rights, without knowing that they had value, and without knowing that they were loved. But freedom has changed all that for them. And you’ve helped.

Here’s a thought about how to celebrate International Children’s Day (June 1): Don’t try to save the world. Just save one child. And that will make a world of difference.