Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Rare Generosity

It was the most remarkable act of generosity that I’ve witnessed in the ministry--without exception.

I just returned from Africa, where we work with children and youth who have been orphaned from the AIDS crisis. They live in a poverty rarely seen in America.

While I was there, I spoke about our work in Cambodia at Rapha House, and these young people were eager to hear more. So I was invited to speak before a large assembly at the camp that these children were attending.

Then on the final day of the camp, the director stood up and announced that the children kept coming to him and asking him if they could do something to help the girls at Rapha House. And so he sat a tattered box on the stage before the group. Then about 200 orphaned children lined up and began filing past dropping coins and folded bills into the box.

These children don’t receive allowances. They don’t have extra income. They are impoverished orphans. But that night a steady stream of boys and girls paraded past a collection box and gave sacrificially to help others who are suffering. Such a rare act of compassion!

Most people I know give out of their surplus. But that night, I witnessed people giving out of their poverty. It was truly unforgettable.