Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Mini Tutorial on Human Trafficking

The Road to Slavery
Often girls end up as victims of human trafficking because of their family of origin. Traffickers take advantage of parents ignorance and poverty. And so, girls end up enslaved in the sex trade.

The Road to Freedom
There are three steps to bridge the gap from slavery to freedom—rescue, shelter and aftercare.

The Problem of Relapse
Often girls who get no further than rescue and shelter relapse into the sex trade once they're on their own, for they have not been given any viable skills to live independently.

The Solution is Aftercare
With aftercare, we break unhealthy dependence on the family of origin; and we provide girls with marketable skills that help them live independently and with dignity. Aftercare means opportunity. And opportunity is the key to lasting freedom.

At Rapha House, we work with agencies and individuals who rescue girls from the sex trade. We provide safe and caring shelter to rescued girls. And with our commitment to aftercare, we work hard to help girls live successful and independent lives. We're successful when the girls that we serve are successful.