Wednesday, May 16, 2007

From Africa to Cambodia Via California

Some of the girls that we met while in Africa.
Recently, I returned from Africa, where we help children and youth who have been orphaned from AIDS. I told a group of girls whom I was teaching about our work in Cambodia. Here's a letter one of the girls wrote to the Rapha House girls.
Dear girls,

How are you fairing on with your life. I hope God has given all the happiness you need. As one of your sisters here in Africa I love you and I'll pray for you always.

As we were told about your stories by Pastor Kerry Decker, I felt that you were facing more challenges than me. I thought that I was the only girl with more challenges but for now you have more challenges than [me].

What I just want to tell you is that even if you are facing those challenges I love you very much. I have read that I should not leave my neighbor alone. So know that even if I am very far from your country we are still united together spiritually.

Know that God is the Father of mercies and He is a God of all comfort. If it were not for Jesus Christ dying on the cross everybody would have died hopeless.

So just take heart and know that someone somewhere loves and cares for you. Just trust in God in whatever you do and He will uplift you to higher standards.

To chase away the powerful emotions in us, we should trust in God's unfailing love in us. When we are in trouble we should take heart and cheer up cuz Jesus has taken the deeper suffering.

All the best in life and may God shower his blessings to you.


Loving sister,
Faith Joshua