Sunday, May 20, 2007

Three Steps to True Freedom

When you think of solutions to the the problem of human trafficking, there are three steps to true freedom. First is rescue. If girls are going to find freedom from human trafficking, someone must rescue them from this nightmare. At Rapha House, we work with professionals and organizations who have dedicated themselves to this heroic work.

The second step to real freedom from human trafficking is shelter. That's what Rapha House provides for girls who are survivors of the sex trade and abuse. Currently, girls as young as age four can be found at our shelter. There they find safety and quality care. Most of the girls at Rapha House are pre-teens and teenagers.

The final step to real freedom from human trafficking is aftercare. That's where the Rapha House Freedom Foundation comes in. We take girls who are ready to leave the shelter and not only provide them with shelter and care but also vocational training and English language training. We provide our graduates with housing grants, continuing education grants, and business grants.

When you contribute to the Rapha House Freedom, you're investing in a girl's freedom. And there's no better investment than investing in true freedom.