Sunday, April 1, 2007

We're In the Business of Supplying Hope

During our recent visit to Cambodia, one of the girls at our halfway house confided in a team member that she felt hopeless. She understood that she cannot live at our shelter or halfway house forever. But looking ahead, she could see nothing but foreboding uncertainty. She cannot count on her family. And society will not help her. She is considered an outcast. She has no education or marketable skills and no money. This girl misunderstood our commitment to her and each girl in our aftercare program. Our foundation is successful when the girls that we serve are successful. And success means sustaining independent living with dignity. We are training our girls in job skills. We are teaching them English. We are investing in their futures. And we will supply eligible girls with grants to underwrite business opportunities and their living expenses. We believe what God does--that these girls are worth the investment.