Saturday, April 7, 2007

Two Very Different Girls

The other night, I asked my wife what life was like for her at age eleven. She was in the sixth grade, as best as she recalls. She tells me about her "steady boyfriend" whom she never kissed back then and who gave her a necklace. She spent a lot of time at church and playing with friends. She has some fond memories. I'm looking at the picture of two sisters who just came to Rapha House. One is age 14 and the other age 11. The email message I received about them says, "They were terribly sexually abused and trafficked." Their faces are blank and expressionless. Theirs has been an interrupted childhood. They will not have fond memories when they look back to their childhoods. All we can give them now is a better future. I think of my wife at age eleven, then I look at the picture of the youngest sister. You could not find two more different girls on earth. But they share the same dream of finding happiness. And now we have the privilege of helping make that dream come true for two new little sisters at Rapha House.