Monday, April 9, 2007

It's Not Just About Cambodian Survivors

We passionately care about Cambodian survivors of abuse. But we understand it's not just about Cambodian survivors. We passionately care about all survivors of abuse. One in three American women are survivors of abuse. Some of the girls that we help in Cambodia have been raped multiple times a day in brothels. Their pain is real. But it is no less traumatic being raped or molested just once. It still hurts and wounds your heart. We've written a resource to help survivors of abuse find real healing. You can go online and purchase a copy of our book "Healing for the Wounded Heart: 100 Devotions for Survivors of Abuse" at Or send your order with payment of $21.59 (price includes shipping and handling) to: Rapha House Freedom Foundation, 6755 Victoria Ave., Riverside, CA 92506. Someone you know needs this book. Maybe you.