Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dream Makers

I receive regular progress reports from the manager of our aftercare program. Usually, they’re not that interesting. Don’t get me wrong. They’re vitally important but not very interesting. They include expense reports, status reports and other business items, which are essential to monitoring our work. But what caught my eye on this report was the very last sentence. The manager sums up the girls’ progress, then concludes by writing: “They have their own dreams for their future.”

Think of it. These girls came from circumstances where dreaming only added to their sorrow. They were slaves. Their lives were not their own. They had no hope. No future. But now something precious has awakened in them. And they are dreaming dreams.

As a partner of the Rapha House Freedom Foundation, you are a dream maker. You inspire hope where there was no hope. You help bring to life things that have died. You give these girls the ability to dream. There are plenty of noble callings in life. But few are greater than being a dream maker.