Monday, February 21, 2011

8-year-old Burn Victim Gets Surgery

By Stephanie Freed

Please pray for little eight year old Sokpong. She is the little sister of one of our Rapha girls.

During a social work visit with her family, it was discovered that Sokpong had been horribly burned a few years ago; and instead of seeking medical help, her arm was wrapped to her torso by her mother. Subsequently, her arm actually grew to her torso and she has been unable to move her shoulder and arm for years. This little girl has lived a life of great pain.

When presented with this information from our native staff, a US staff member made it her mission to find medical help for little Sokpong to have the necessary surgery to separate her shoulder from her torso. Finally, after a long period of tireless knocking on doors, a wonderful foreign doctor did the operation in Cambodia.

Sokpong will endure more surgery and a long period of recovery. Please pray for her as she is in excruciating pain in the native hospital where the operation was done. We will update you as we receive updates. We are thankful to have the opportunity to reach out to the families of our girls, and be a part of their healing and hope as well.