Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Religion At Rapha House

People often say that all religions are essentially the same. But think how that sounds to the ears of a girl at Rapha House.

Take the eastern doctrine of karma, for instance—the inexorable law of cause and effect. So what does karma say to a Rapha girl? You got what you deserved. It was because of some sin from this or a past life that caused your abuse. The explanation is karma. So ultimately you're to blame for your own suffering.

Imagine when a Rapha girl hears about the God of love—the God who values her and is willing to die in order to rescue her. How might that sound to her ears?

It's no wonder that many Rapha girls freely decide to follow Jesus. We don't require any Rapha girl to convert to Christianity in order to benefit from our services. As a matter of fact, even the girls who don't become Christians receive the same care, education, and opportunity as those that do.

This is certain at Rapha House. Respect for others and equality of treatment are important to us. But we understand that not all religions are essentially the same. Differences do make a big difference.