Sunday, December 30, 2007

Yan's Story

When we were in Cambodia recently, some of the women from our team led a seminar for the older girls entitled “How To Have Healthy Relationships With Men.” Our women talked openly about their experiences with men and were transparent about mistakes made and lessons learned. They then invited any of the girls to tell their stories.

Yan volunteered to share her experience. She sat on the floor behind the translator, leaned her head against the translator’s back and through her tears told her story in a faint voice about horrible abuse and neglect. Yan’s story is the story of many of the girls who have come to Rapha House.

What made her story so unforgettable was what happened next. After recounting her abuse, Yan raised her head, straightened her back, and said with a note of confidence, “And now I want to tell you about my new life.” And for the next few minutes, she spoke of hope. She spoke of healing. And she told about the grace and love that she has found in Jesus Christ. It was an unforgettable study in contrasts.

At Rapha House, we give shelter and compassionate care to girls who have been trafficked and abused. We provide them with a place to heal. And through our programs and vocational training, we offer them hope for a better life. Some of the girls who come to us choose freely to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ. Yan has. And she will confidently tell anyone about the difference that He has made in her life. He’s one Man who has brought her nothing but good.

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10)