Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rapha's 40/40 Campaign (Week Four)

During our 40/40 Campaign, we're encouraging our supporters to take forty days to pray about this issue and our ministry. And we're asking that during this time you consider donating an additional $40 to the ministry of Rapha House. Thank you for caring and making a difference.

Prayer Focus
Day 22. Target a specific country or area, and pray for the defeat of the sex industry in that area.
Day 23. Gracious God, lead more Christian men to get involved in combating this evil.
Day 24. Lord Jesus, help the men of your church to seek purity and to renounce all forms of pornography and sexual exploitation of women.
Day 25. Precious Redeemer, may survivors not only experience emotional healing but come to see how you can redeem their pain and use it as a way to minister to others.
Day 26. God, help survivors lead the way to spiritual renewal in their own communities and lands.
Day 27. Merciful Lord, may survivors be able to establish healthy marriages and families of their own.
Day 28. Loving Father, may survivors see themselves with the value that you place on each of them.